Who are we?

On this page you can read more about who we are and how the project A Better Ocean came to life. 

Our story

A Better Ocean began as a student project at Business Academy Aarhus in Denmark. Through a broad market study with input from different types of businesses, it soon became clear that there was a real need for the things A Better Ocean stands for.

The project began in earnest in October 2018, when Nick and Jacob were on a trip to Vietnam. It soon became clear to us how big the problem really is, as many Vietnamese beaches had visible piles of plastic waste on them.

Local stories of international fishing boats catching 50 % fish and 50 % plastic only made the size of the issue even clearer.

A Better Ocean has already begun removing the plastic that piles up on coast lines, floats in rivers and on river beds and which has already made its way to the ocean. However, we have big goals and ambitions for the future and wish to expand our collecting work, to inform and educate about the massive problems plastic pollution creates and to help find future alternatives to plastic in the long term.

At A Better Ocean, we want companies to actively take part in the fight against plastic pollution, and our experience shows that many are ready to make this effort!

The team behind

Her kan du møde og lære lidt om de 3 ildsjæle bag A Better Ocean.

Jacob Phan


I have a background in customer communications, marketing and online presence. On a personal level, part of my family comes from one of the places in the world that are most seriously affected by plastic pollution. That’s why I’m a part of A Better Ocean.

Nick Nykjær


I have a background in sales and marketing. I love to travel and have seen the problem and the scale of it with my own eyes in many countries. That’s why I’m a part of A Better Ocean.

Tobias Ørskov


Parallel to my work with A Better Ocean, I am a law student at Aarhus University. One of my great passions is diving. When diving, I often see the negative development we seek to rectify, and with my legal knowledge I wish to change conditions for the better. That’s why I’m a part of A Better Ocean.

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