Who are we?

On this page, you can read about who we are, what we do and why we do it. 

Our history

A Better Ocean started as a study project at marketing school. Through a broad market measurement with inputs from different types of companies, it quickly became clear that there was a real need for what A Better Ocean stands for. The project started in earnest in October 2018, when we were a tour of Vietnam. Here we quickly realised how big the problem really is, as many of the Vietnamese beaches were very visible to be containing large amounts of plastic waste. Local stories of large international fishing boats, which had catches of 50% fish and 50% plastic, gave even more certainty about the scale of the problem.

A Better Ocean is already in the process of removing the plastic that accumulates on coastlines, flows in rivers and riverbanks and which has already been discharged into the oceans. That said, we have great goals and ambitions for the future and, in the long term, in addition to our major collection work, we want to inform and educate about the massive problems that plastic pollution creates and to help find future alternatives to plastic. At A Better Ocean, we want companies and individuals to take an active part in the fight against plastic pollution, and our experience shows that they are also ready for this!